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Smart Security powered by AI and globally coordinated threat assessment.

Imunify360 - Smart Security powered by AI

Imunify360, the next-generation security solution developed specifically for Linux web servers. It’s highly effective machine learning technology forms data on a worldwide scale, utilizes a six-layer approach to deliver protection against threats, including distributed brute force attacks, most widely recognized kind of attack for web servers.

CageFS Virtualized File System

Protects web appliations agains malware injections and defacement attacks

KernelCare Rebootless Security Update

Delivers sophisticated detection and dispay of security threats

Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE)
Smart Intrusion Detection

Effective in catching more bad guys as it is powered by Smart intrusion detection

CageFS Virtualized File System

Frequently Asked Questions

Imunify360 is CloudLinux's newest product providing "next generation, automated security solution, powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence)" to protect all existing Zipa Hosting's Linux servers from the latest cyberattacks.

If likened, Imunify360 as a security guard in your home. When there are visitors who want to visit your home then this is the security guard who will monitor what visitors do in your home, when this visitor does something unusual or suspicious, the security guard will immediately arrest the visitor by requesting a verification of Captcha to ensure that this visitor is not a bot that intends evil.

In this growing digital age, hackers and crackers are definitely getting smarter and clever to do illegal things against our website. Good used to perform spamming activity by embedding malware files that are tucked in the core files of the website, as well as its use as backdoor shell script them.

If you are already subscribed to or already use the hosting in Dewaweb, then you should not be afraid of these things, because Imunify360 running on the server will perform automatic scanning of all hosting accounts to ensure no malware / viruses are harmful. If any of the files is considered harmful by Imunify360, then the file is put into quarantine. But if the file is the core file of your website, then usually Imunify360 will provide information that the file is Malicious file. And the file is changed permissionnya to 0000 automatically so the script is not running.

In addition, you also need to do security hardening from your side is on its own website, because if only from the Server side then the hacker / cracker can still break into your website. However, files that are uploaded if detected suspicious will be immediately quarantined.

Unfortunately, Imunify360 is installed across Zipa Hosting's servers as a primary defense against all types of cyber attacks that could threaten Zipa Hosting's customer websites. We take full responsibility for maintaining the security of all customers and we hope from the customer also can ensure the security of computer and network computer.

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